Physical Signs Of Eating Disorders

If you have a teenager, there is a good chance that you want to make sure that he or she remains happy and healthy. One main fear that many parents have is that their child is going to develop an eating disorder. If you notice that your child has started to avoid the family around meals and is eating much less than he or she normally was, you might be concerned.

Snapping-Scapula Syndrome: What Exactly Is It?

If one of your shoulders feels weak and painful as well as makes strange sounds whenever you move your arm, you might think that you broke it. You may actually have an orthopedic problem called snapping-scapula syndrome. Snapping-scapula syndrome, or washboard syndrome, can be painful and annoying to the people it affects. Without treatment, your symptoms may become worse. Learn more about snapping-scapula syndrome and how you can treat it below.

Heart Problem Myths You May Assume Are True

There are few health issues that can be an indication of serious heart problems. Not surprisingly, knowing that you may be suffering from heart problems can be a source of tremendous stress. This anxiety can be further increased through believing some inaccurate information that is often spread. Myth: Heart Problems Only Impact Older Individuals There is a frequent belief that heart problems are a problem that is limited to affecting older individuals.

Tips To Prevent Water Leaks In Walk-In Showers

For those with mobility issues, a walk-in shower provides a safe alternative to traditional shower enclosures. In fact, one of these enclosures can help someone continue to live independently and with dignity. One concern is water leakage, though. No one wants a mess in the bathroom, and for those with mobility challenges cleaning up can be particularly difficult. Fortunately, there are many options and strategies to solve this problem, which the following tips will show.

FAQ about Congestive Heart Failure

Do you find it difficult to breathe while you are lying in bed at night? The symptom you are experiencing is commonly associated with a disease known as congestive heart failure. There are actually many other symptoms that can develop if you are not treated in a timely manner. Getting to the root of how the disease developed if you have it is the first thing that should be done. This article will provide answers to the important questions that you might have concerning congestive heart failure.