How To Get More Out Of Group Therapy

If you talk to people who have participated in group therapy, some of them will tell you how amazing the experience was for them. Others may tell you that they did not get a lot out of group therapy or felt like it was a waste of time. What separates these two groups of people? One difference tends to be how people approach and engage with group therapy. If you engage with group therapy in a wise and informed way, then you are more likely to have a good experience. Here are some tips that will help you engage with group therapy more wisely and get more out of the experience.

Do your best to share.

Opening up about your struggles and concerns in front of a group is not always easy. But if you only listen, you will only be learning from others' words and experiences. You won't be getting the full experience of group therapy. So, enter every session with the intention of sharing. It's okay to start small and to only share bits and pieces of your story, especially at first. As you grow more familiar with the group and the therapist leading the meetings, you'll likely feel comfortable sharing more and more.

Be curious.

If you start a group session assuming that everyone else's story will be boring, or that they cannot teach you anything, then those beliefs might just come true. On the other hand, if you enter the session feeling curious and ready to explore, you're more likely to feel excited and inspired when others share. Remember that every person in the group is an individual with their own personality, history, and challenges. Reminding yourself of this can make it easier for you to take an interest in what they have to say.

Act and speak authentically.

If you find the idea of going to group therapy a little intimidating or embarrassing, you're not alone. This can lead some people to adopt a persona they think others will like more than their real self. But you won't get much out of therapy if it is not the "real you" attending and sharing. Do your best to be authentic and speak authentically when in group therapy. If you struggle with this, it might be something to talk to your therapist about in a private session.

With the tips above, you can get more out of a group therapy session. For more information on group therapy, contact a professional near you.