Hormone Replacement: Why Some People Still Stick With The Pill Form

These days, if you wish to undergo hormone replacement therapy, you have plenty of choices as to how to administer it. You can put a patch on your skin once or twice a week, apply a daily cream to your legs or stomach, or even take injections. However, the classic hormone replacement pills are still an option, and they're an option a lot of women are still choosing. Here are a few benefits associated with sticking with pills for your hormone replacement needs.

How A Car Accident Doctor Helps With Whiplash Issues

Car accidents happen every day and can cause a broad range of different pain types. However, even a minor incident can become a real problem if a person suffers from whiplash and other types of pain. Thankfully, a car accident doctor can help by providing the type of treatment and care that an individual needs to avoid serious health issues long after their accident initially occurred. Even Minor Car Accidents Can Trigger Pain