FAQs About Orthopedic Surgery For A Torn Meniscus In Your Knee

The meniscus is a piece of cartilage in your knee. Its purpose is to absorb shock and reduce friction between the two key bones that form your knee. Unfortunately, the meniscus can sometimes tear. This often happens as a result of an athletic injury. When a meniscus does tear, the best solution is usually to have it surgically repaired. This is a surgery that is carried out by orthopedic surgeons — often those who specialize in operating on the joints of the lower limbs.

Is It Possible To Treat Clinical Depression Without Drugs?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by sadness and despair? Are you struggling to find the motivation to do even the simplest of tasks? If so, you may be suffering from clinical depression. While many medications are available to treat this condition, many people are wary of taking them due to potential side effects. Fortunately, you can still manage your symptoms without relying on drugs. Here's what you need to know about the signs of clinical depression and some treatment options that don't involve medication.

Things You Can Do To Treat Menopause

If you are approaching the age of menopause, or you are already in the midst of this life-changing event, you might find yourself interested in some of the things you can do for menopause treatment. While the goal is not to stop menopause, as it is a natural thing a woman will go through, you may want to try to curb the intensity of some of the symptoms that you could experience.

Treatment Options For Seasonal Allergy Pediatric Patients

Seasonal allergies in the pediatric population can cause sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, and a scratchy throat. Further, if your child has seasonal allergies, they may develop watery eyes, itchy eyes, and dark or purple circles under their eyes. These dark circles as known as "allergy shiners," because they resemble black eyes. If your child develops any of these symptoms, make an appointment with the pediatrician, who may recommend the following treatment options.