What You Should Know About Citrus Allergies

Most people do not think much about food allergies and the various issues they can cause. Additionally, many people only know about food allergies to peanuts and milk products (lactose). Very few know about some of the more rare, but still important, food allergies, like citrus allergies. Get to know some of the facts about citrus allergies. Then, you can be sure that you are aware if you have a sensitivity or allergy to citrus fruits.

When It's Time To Move To A Nursing Home For Care

If you have a loved one that you are worried about at home alone, it can feel overwhelming. There are times when they might need care, or they are a fall risk. When you have older parents who insist they are fine at home, there isn't always much you can do. While you can try to set up home care to help your loved one, there will likely come a time when they are no longer safe, even with help.