When It's Time To Move To A Nursing Home For Care

If you have a loved one that you are worried about at home alone, it can feel overwhelming. There are times when they might need care, or they are a fall risk. When you have older parents who insist they are fine at home, there isn't always much you can do. While you can try to set up home care to help your loved one, there will likely come a time when they are no longer safe, even with help. When you see that your loved one is struggling at home and you no longer believe they should be there, it's time to get serious about options.

Talk With Their Doctor

When you know that your parent can't be home alone any longer, it's important to work with their doctor so that changes can occur. You don't have to wait until your mom breaks a hip for her to be admitted to a nursing home for 24-hour nursing care. If you attend an appointment with your parent, ask for their permission to talk to the doctor. Let your parent know that you have concerns about their ability to stay home. Express your concern about their needs at home and don't be afraid to speak in front of your parent.

Learn What Nursing Home Acceptance Requires

Nursing homes require that the resident have specific needs, and this may not be the case for your parent. Your loved one must need hands-on care, and they will either be accepted by the nursing facility or not. While you may believe your loved one is a fall risk, this may not be accurate. A doctor can fully assess your loved one to see if they need nursing home care or if they are still safe at home with help.

If Your Loved One Is Terminally Ill

Many times a terminally ill patient wants to die at home. While you may try your best to grant their wishes, there may come a time when they need to move to a 24-hour nursing care facility. If you don't have the ability to take care of their needs or they are at risk of getting hurt in your care, a move to a nursing home is the safest for everyone.

Few people are ready to make the decision to move to a nursing home. It is always helpful to begin having conversations about future care early, but there are times that the decision is made for you. For more information, get in touch with a center such as Carerite Centers-The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center.