Home Care Solutions for Helping an Aged Parent with Mobility Issues

It can be difficult to deal with an aged parent that has mobility issues. Especially if you're someone who lives far away from your parents, it can be difficult to make sure that they are safe and secure. Elderly parents are sometimes stubborn and might refuse to make any adjustments themselves. They may feel that they are able to handle the challenges themselves. However, that does not mean that you should simply leave them to their own devices. No, as a responsible adult you will need to make sure that your parents are safe, and there are important things that you need to do in order to ensure that they live a happy life. Here are a few suggestions.

Install Handrails in the Bathroom

One of the big areas where there can be problems is the bathroom. Slip and fall accidents often happen here. One way to try and avoid this problem is to have a contractor install handrails in your parents' bathroom next to the shower and the toilet area. Handrails are important because they allow your parent to move about with access to something to hold on to. You can get basic handrails that will allow them to hold on to something when they are standing up, which will be important for preventing them from falling. 

Convert Entranceway Stairs to Ramps

If there are large stairs that are used to go into your parents' home, then what you will want to do is replace them with ramps. This is because stairs can pose a large problem for people who are unable to walk and have limited mobility. So, what you should instead do is take out the traditional stairs and bring in a contractor who will be able to either remove the original stairs entirely or else cover them in wooden planks that convert the stairs into a ramp.

Hire a Home Health Aide

Finally, a home health aide is an instrumental part of any elderly person's routine. What you will want to do is contact a home health aide company and inquire about the cost of hiring someone and what hours they will be available for your parent. You might want someone who is going to be available around the clock, which would mean that your elderly parent is never going to be without care. However, if your parent is not at the point that they need constant care, you might be fine with a normal health attendant that comes in to work at a normal schedule and then leaves to go home.

For more information, contact a business that provides home care services.