Why You May Need Rehabilitation After Scoliosis Surgery

If you're considering scoliosis surgery, you may wonder if you'll need to stay in a special hospital for surgery rehab after the procedure. In some cases, your doctor will recommend rehab so that you can build strength and function.

Do you want to learn more about rehabilitation after scoliosis treatment? Here's why you may be admitted to rehab during your recovery.

Your Surgery Was More Complex

Your doctor may recommend rehab if your scoliosis is severe and you had a more complicated surgical procedure. This is because it may take you longer to heal.

During rehab, you'll be under the watchful eye of physical and occupational therapists. They can provide skilled treatments that encourage healing.

Your Doctors Want You to Have a Faster Recovery

Even if your scoliosis surgery was minor, rehab can be beneficial. It may accelerate your recovery by helping you build strength and range of motion quickly.

Rehab Can Improve Pain Management

Rehab can also reduce the amount of pain you experience after scoliosis treatment. This will allow you to come back to your regular activities sooner without pain or long-term reliance on pain medication.

Your Doctors Want You to Take Control

Rehab is also beneficial for teaching you how to manage your own care. Your physical therapist will help you understand what exercises and stretches can improve your mobility. They'll also teach you how to properly use any medical equipment so that it won't cause further injury or pain.

You Need Assistance with Daily Living Tasks

If you have difficulty performing everyday activities like getting dressed or going up and down stairs, rehab can help. Your physical therapist will teach you how to move safely in order to reduce the risk of injury. They'll also show you ways to make daily living tasks easier.

Your Doctors Want You to Learn How To Prevent Future Injury

Rehab can also help you learn how to prevent future injury. Your physical therapist will show you exercises that can strengthen your core and improve posture. They'll also explain how certain activities and habits can lead to scoliosis progression or worsening symptoms.

Talk to Your Doctor About Rehab After Surgery

Rehab can be incredibly beneficial for scoliosis surgery recovery. Talk to your doctor about rehab options so you can make the best decision for your health and healing. Whether you choose to receive inpatient or outpatient care, rehab may accelerate your recovery time and help prevent further injury.

For more information, contact a hospital for special surgery rehab near you.