Tips For Ordering Curbside Pickup From A Dispensary

These days, more and more dispensaries are beginning to offer curbside pickup for their customers. This is a nice alternative for customers who are in a hurry or for those who don't want to enter the store for health reasons. However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow to ensure you get what you need and have a smooth transaction.

Research strains before you order.

When you physically enter a dispensary to shop, you get to tell the budtender what you're looking for and have them recommend a strain for you. When shopping for curbside pickup, though, you don't get to have this conversation with a budtender. Instead, you should click on the different strains that the dispensary has to offer on their website, and read what they have to say about each one. Usually, the information on the dispensary's website is the same information the budtenders would give you if you were to visit in person. You can also search the strain online and learn more from different sources. Make sure a strain sounds like it will meet your needs before you add it to your basket.

Check for any limits.

In most states with legal cannabis, there is a limit to how much you can buy at one time. In some states, the limit is 1 ounce per transaction. In other states, the limit is 3 ounces. Make sure you know what this limit is before you place your curbside pickup order. You don't want to arrive at the dispensary and find out that they can only give you half of your order for legal reasons.

Look into payment options.

Most dispensaries are only able to accept cash as payment due to federal banking restrictions. However, some do accept debit cards and process the transaction as an ATM withdrawal. For curbside pickup, the payment options are sometimes different than for in-store transactions. Some dispensaries, for instance, will only accept debit cards and not cash for curbside orders. This is for the safety of their employees. Others may accept cash up to a certain amount. If the dispensary you are ordering from does not make their pickup payment options clear on their website, call and ask beforehand. This way, you can stop at the bank for cash or bring along your debit card as needed.

Ordering curbside pickup from a dispensary is a great way to get the cannabis products you need. Just make sure you're prepared by following the tips above. Contact a cannabis dispensary for more information.