EO Sterilization For Your Dental Tools: Why Use It?

When you own and operate a dental clinic, safety and cleanliness in your facility is what matters most of all. There are many ways you can keep dental equipment, tools, and supplies clean and sanitized, including rubbing machines down with an approved cleaning agent, washing oral tools via hand, and using other sterilization techniques to make sure even the smallest microorganisms are destroyed.

One of the most preferred methods of sterilizing medical and dental equipment — and other equipment items that are commonly used among patients — is ethylene oxide sterilization. This sterilization method, also referred to as EO sterilization, is beneficial to your practice in many ways. Discover why you should incorporate EO sterilization service into your dental tools' cleaning processes, particularly for those tools that are sensitive to many cleaning methods or that will only be used one time.

You can sterilize without damage

When you choose an EO sterilization treatment for all your dental tools and supplies, you choose a treatment that is relatively gentle on your tools. You can use this cold treatment on plastics, glass, metals, and even polymers or blends of each without worrying about melting, cracking, or otherwise damaging your dental tools. EO sterilization treatment is best done on tools right before they go into their sterile packaging or just after they leave sterile packaging, like individual picks and brushes.

You can kill nearly anything

When you use an EO sterilization service to ensure the cleanliness of your hard-to-clean packaged items, you ensure they are free of mold, bacteria, viruses, and even animal or insect contamination. There are many ways that an EO sterilization treatment will help make your equipment far cleaner than it would be with other sanitation efforts. Since it's a cold chemical treatment, you can use EO sterilization as a final step in sanitizing the individual equipment items or smaller supplies, or you can use it as a stand-alone treatment.

An EO sterilization treatment is often done as part of the packaging and manufacturing process of tools and supplies. You can have an EO sterilization service do your sterilizing for you as your overall cleaning process or as part of your manufacturing and packaging process for your dental tools and supplies. Costs vary for the service, depending on how frequently you have it done and the number of tools you have serviced at any time.

Reach out to a professional for more information about EO sterilization treatments.