Nicked Your Finger? Here's Why You Should Visit A Walk-In Clinic Today

If you nicked one of your fingers at work or in the kitchen, and the injury appears infected, visit a walk-in or urgent clinic today. Even the smallest skin injuries can develop infections later on. Learn more about your finger injury and why you should seek urgent care for it soon.

Is the Nick in Your Finger Really a Problem?

Anything that opens up the skin can be dangerous over time, including tiny cuts and nicks. Skin is the largest and most critical organ in the human body. Not only does skin regulate your body's temperature during the cold and hot weather, it also covers and protects your internal organs from germs. If you receive any type of injury to your skin, it could become open to infection. 

Many types of bacteria live on the surface of your skin. However, some germs can cause problems for you, including staphylococcus. Staphylococcus, or staph, can trigger an infection in your skin. The infection may spread to other areas of your body, including your eyes and nose. The infection may also spread to your family and friends through direct and indirect contact. 

If your finger does become infected with staph, see a walk-in doctor at a medical clinic (such as MED7 Urgent Care Center) right away.

How Do You Diagnose and Treat Your Nicked Finger?

A doctor will need to examine your finger carefully before they administer treatment for it. To do so, a doctor may take laboratory samples of your blood and urine, or they may use X-rays to determine the cause of your infection. You may also need to undergo a skin test during your visit.

Once an urgent care clinic or doctor determines the cause of your infected finger, they'll provide care. A doctor may give you oral antibiotics to take during your treatment. You may also need to apply a topical ointment to your skin. If you have intense pain in your finger, you may take pain medications, as well. The treatments you receive to heal your nicked finger may vary, depending on the walk-in clinic you visit. 

After treatment, a doctor may give you specific instructions on how to care for your injured finger at home. For example, you may need to wash your finger with antibacterial soap as well as keep it covered with a bandage or gauze. If the infection doesn't subside within a reasonable time, return to the urgent care clinic for further care.

If the small nick in your finger became infected, see an urgent care doctor today.