Why You Should Be Worried When You Experience Sudden Changes In Vision

Having glasses or corrective lenses means that you generally accept that you have a vision problem. You are doing what you can to correct it so that you can see better. However, if your vision suddenly experiences major changes, you should be worried, and you absolutely need to see an eye doctor. The eye doctors can immediately pinpoint what is happening, and treat the problem. Here are some of the things that an immediate shift in vision can indicate.

Problems with Blood Pressure

People whose blood pressure spikes a lot will suddenly find that their vision is not consistently corrected with glasses/contacts. Their vision fades in and out of focus because the blood vessels in the eyes are expanding and contracting rapidly with the fluctuations in blood pressure. The increased vascular pressure translates to the fluctuations in eyeball pressure, thereby affecting your eyes' ability to focus images and light on the retinas. Getting the hypertension under control so that it cannot fluctuate a lot (or at all, which is preferable) will help you see better. 

Problems with Kidneys and/or Pancreas

Kidney disease affects what toxins can be filtered from the blood, which forces the kidneys to work harder to do their job. When they work harder, blood pressure is elevated, which, as you now know, affects the blood vessels in your eyes (and the rest of your body). Your pancreas is responsible for blood sugar regulation and sending excess sugar out of the body through the kidneys. Problems with the pancreas and blood sugar levels (i.e., diabetes) create problems with the kidneys, which create problems with your blood vessels, and ultimately your vision/eyes. Diabetes can sneak up on you really fast, and many people with diabetes do not know they have it until they experience problems with their vision or urination and equilibrium. Correct the kidney and/or pancreas problems right away, and your vision should restore itself to what it was before you encountered this problem. 

Tunnel Vision

It is not just a euphemism; it is a real medical condition. In tunnel vision, you can only see exactly what is straight ahead. Everything else appears black and is obstructed from view. There are numerous causes for rapid-onset development of tunnel vision, but most commonly, it is a retinal detachment of a minor sort, blood loss to the eye (from a ruptured blood vessel), cataracts, glaucoma, intense anger and high levels of adrenaline, migraine auras, and pituitary tumors. Eye doctors can quickly weed out what is not causing this problem, and if it is something that requires surgery, they can get you into surgery right away to restore your sight. 

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