3 Effective Ways To Describe Skin Problems

If you plan on seeking treatment for your skin problems via online dermatologists visits, then you will need to be very descriptive with how you describe your condition. While you may be able to send an image to the doctor, he or she may be unable to clearly visualize it without additional descriptors.

Because of this, you will need to be very succinct and detailed in the way you describe your dermatological problem. Here are three descriptive ways you can describe your skin disorder to your online dermatologist. 

Pain Quality

If your skin problem involves pain, then you will need to describe the type of pain you are experiencing. While referring to your level of pain via the "scale" method can give your doctor an idea of what you are feeling, describing your pain as burning, sharp, searing, or throbbing, is better than simply saying "on a scale of 1-10, my pain is a 4." Your doctor's perception of what a "4" is may differ from your perception of a "4" is, so be as descriptive as possible so that the physician can treat your condition to the best of their ability.

Characteristics Of Rash

Rashes come in all different shapes and sizes. When describing your rash, use words like grainy, raised, purpuric, sandpaper-like, itchy, pustular, or weepy. The latter term refers to a rash that is leaking fluid.

Also, be sure to describe the color of the rash and if it blanches. A blanching rash means that it will either disappear or fade when you press down on it with your finger. Based on this alone, your doctor may be able to diagnosis the cause of your rash, especially if it is accompanied by other telltale symptoms.

Features Of Drainage

Finally, if your rash, bump, or wound is draining fluid, use descriptive terms such as watery, cloudy, pink, clear, thick, or thin. If the drainage appears to contain pus, use the term purulent to describe it. Purulent refers to a wound, infected area, or sore that contains pus. Your online doctor will also need to know if the drainage has an odor to it and if it has tinges of yellow or green.

While discussing the characteristics of body fluids and drainage is never pleasant, it is essential that you are very descriptive so that your doctor can prescribe the best possible treatment.

If you use the services of an online dermatologist, be sure to describe your skin ailment to the best of your ability, using some of the above terms. If you do so, the physician will have an easier time diagnosing your condition so that an effective plan of care can be promptly implemented.