Participating In Pharmaceutical Market Research: Will It Hurt?

In the latter stages of approving pharmaceuticals for use by humans, there are the drug tests, and then there is the pharmaceutical market research. Often, people get these things confused, but they are very different research events. If you are ever asked to participate in the market research, breathe a sigh of relief. It will not hurt at all, and it cannot make you sick. Here is what is involved, and what you can expect if you are a willing participant.

Just Questions

Market research is more or less asking consumers about medications they currently take, the side effects they experience with those medications, and whether or not they have any interest in taking a different, newer medication that may work better or have fewer side effects. The surveys may be conducted online, or you may find the market researchers asking you in shopping malls if you would be willing to answer a few questions for them. It is just questions; you are never asked to take any of the medications in question.

The Scope of the Research

Really, this type of research is just to find out if a new medication would be well-received or sought after. Only those consumers who fit a particular demographic can answer the questions/survey. Ergo, the scope of most market research studies is quite narrow. Only in instances where a pharmaceutical company is looking to market something like an over-the-counter pain reliever or a cold remedy would they want to ask a large cross-section of the population.

Compensation vs. Benefits

Some market research companies compensate participants with money, gift cards, or points towards rewards if you qualify and complete the research survey. However, most other companies feel that the benefit you will receive is that you can try this medication for your own health problems, should the collected survey responses be quite positive. 

It Cannot Hurt

Participating in the pharmaceutical market research surveys and studies will not hurt. It can only help you and many others like you, who may be suffering from a disorder or disease, or have a chronic health problem that this new medication can solve or help. If the idea of helping steer pharmaceutical companies in the right direction by participating in their research sounds like your thing, you can find these surveys and market research companies online or near you. All you have to do is perform an internet search.