Why Surgery Is The Best Treatment For A Stubborn Carpal Boss Injury

There are many overuse injuries that can cause pain and swelling in the hand, but the carpal boss condition is particularly visible because it forms a large lump at the base of the top of the hand. This limited type of arthritis can appear in people of almost any age, and sometimes it goes away just with rest and ice alone. If your carpal boss doesn't want to go away and keeps causing you pain, surgery is likely the best option.

Tendon Snapping

Due to the placement of the swelling caused by a carpal boss, the tendons that run over the top of the hand often rub over the area and snap uncomfortably as they slip. If you're experiencing this kind of pain that interrupts your daily routine, surgery is the best way to prevent tendon problems. It offers the most immediate reduction of swelling to allow tendons to move smoothly again as you manipulate your fingers or hold your wrist at a low angle.

Joint Fusing

In severe cases of carpal bossing caused by an injury or advanced arthritis swelling, it may be necessary to fuse the joint for stabilization and pain reduction. Nothing can fuse the joint except for surgery, and steroids and anti-inflammatory medications simply won't provide the swelling relief necessary to restore comfortable use of the hand and wrist. Fusing is often recommended for recurring joint spurs.

Side Effects

Most of the other effective treatments for carpal boss problems have the potential to create unpleasant side effects. For example, the steroid injections often used to treat limited swelling and pain associated with joint problems or arthritis can create more swelling and pain if you have a negative reaction. Anti-inflammatory and pain medications often interact dangerously with other long-term medications or set off secondary conditions. Surgery has a few of its own risks and side effects, but for many patients, this simple surgery is far safer than medication or steroid treatment.

Success Rate

The success rate of this carpal boss surgery is another reason why it's such a recommended treatment for a serious and painful case. About 90% of people who undergo a surgery to reduce swelling in the carpometacarpal area experience a reduction in at least some of their symptoms. With such a high chance of being able to resume your usual activities within a few weeks after the surgery, it's worth a try for dealing with disruptive carpal bossing problems.

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