Tips for Living With Pain

If you have chronic pain, you might worry that you are going to have a decreased quality of life. This is an understandable worry if your pain is so great that you have a hard time functioning on a day-to-day basis. You are likely taking medication to manage your pain. Here are some tips for living with pain and dealing with it so that you do not have to endure a reduced quality of life.

1. Get Exercise

You might feel as though you are in so much pain that it is going to be better for you to sit perfectly still rather than even think about moving. However, you might want to consider some sort of gentle exercise, such as walking at a reasonable pace for a short period of time, swimming, or dancing. The reason for this is that, when you exercise, your brain is going to release a variety of brain chemicals that will make you feel better mentally, blocking your pain receptors for a brief period of time. This can make it easier to manage your day-to-day pain.

If you feel as though getting exercise is going to be too much for you, ease into it. Spend a week doing a variety of gentle stretches that will help your body loosen up. The next week, go for a slow walk around the block once. The following week, go for a slightly longer walk. Committing to exercising each day is a good way to help manage your pain and enjoy your life.

2. Invest in Massages

The next thing that you want to consider doing is investing in massages. Massages are a good way to loosen the parts of your body that might be suffering chronic pain and leave them feeling loose, which can help reduce your pain for many days after the massage. You might be worried that the massage is going to hurt, but if you find a masseuse that specializes in pain therapy, you can be sure that your pain will be alleviated.

3. Breathe Through the Pain

If your pain spikes sometimes, you might find yourself taking short, quick breaths. This is going to cause your body and brain to not get enough oxygen, which could increase your pain in the short-term. Focusing on breathing deeply whenever your pain spikes is a good way to help increase your muscle relaxation and oxygen levels to help ease your pain.

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