How to Fund a Stair Lift

If you have limited mobility, or if another person in your home has limited mobility, consider getting a stair lift. A stair lift is a device mounted to stairs to help a person in a wheelchair or walker access the stairs. Financing is a common concern. Here are tips to get financing for stair lifts.

Private Health Insurance

If you're thinking about Medicare, it won't cover the cost of stair lifts. Medicare considers stair lifts "durable medical equipment," which doesn't meet their guidelines. This means the equipment under the guidelines is intended for comfort, self-help, and convenience.

Medicare could pay partial costs for the stair lifts that have an elevating seat. Elevating seats are commonly featured on more expensive models, which means it costs more than the reimbursement Medicare may provide.

It is still possible to fund stair lifts through private insurance. Contact your health-insurance provider. If you get denied, keep trying, and inform the insurance provider how the stair lift will be beneficial.


Medicaid funds stair lifts as long as they allow you to keep living in your home. They usually only pay for the basic models. You will need to fill out a waiver for funding called Home and Community Based Services. Some state Medicaid plans may cover durable medical equipment.

A program called Money Follows the Person helps a person on Medicaid move from a nursing home to a relative's home. This program isn't available in Florida, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, and Arkansas. Money Follows the Person may be known by other names that vary by state, such as Ohio Home Choice or My Place Louisiana.

Government Programs

  • FHA. The Federal Housing Administration offers various programs of financial assistance for home modification under the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Department of Housing and Community Development offers block grants that cover the home upgrade.
  • Area Agency on Aging. The Area Agency on Aging provides financing through grants for stair lifts under the Old American's Act III. Areas with medium to large populations commonly have this agency.
  • Veteran's Administration. If your limited immobility is due to service, a stair lift may be covered by the Veteran's Administration. You have to pass a home evaluation and skills test. Veterans Directed Home and Community-Based Service provides assistance to veterans who wish to stay in their homes.

A stair lift will make life easier for you or your loved one. Cost shouldn't deter you from getting a stair lift from a company such as All-Star Lifts. If you need more information about stair lifts, see your health-care provider.