Seven Good Reasons To Opt For Laser Hair Reduction

Keeping yourself well groomed can be a chore, especially during the warm weather months when you don a bathing suit, shorts and other skin-baring clothing. One of the most convenient ways to get rid of that unwanted hair around your bikini line, on your upper lip and on your legs is to have your hair removed using laser technology.

Laser hair reduction uses a highly-targeted beam of light pointed directly into the hair follicles, destroying the hair at its very root. Patients report the laser feeling like a pinch or a light sting. A numbing agent is often given to lessen the discomfort.

Benefits of using laser hair reduction

1. It's longer lasting. Laser hair removal keeps hair from growing back nearly as quickly as more traditional methods like shaving, waxing and plucking. Initially, you'll have to repeat the procedure every six weeks or so. It takes around three to seven sessions for the hair to be permanently removed, according to WebMD.

2. It's quick. Each pulse of the laser lasts only a few seconds and can treat multiple hairs. WebMD also reports that the length of an individual session rarely lasts more than an hour.

3. It's precise. Since laser hair removal is highly targeted, it can remove hair from delicate areas, while leaving desired hair. It can even be used on ingrown hairs and those difficult to reach areas, such as the back or buttocks.

4. It's safe. Laser hair reduction technology has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a hair removal technique since 1997.

5. It's less painful than electrolysis. While everyone's pain tolerance is different, laser hair treatment is reported to be less painful than electrolysis and waxing. In addition, with laser removal, you aren't subject to scrapes and cuts as you are when shaving.

6. It can save money over time. Although a razor is less expensive than a laser hair removal session, a lifetime of razors (and shaving cream) can become quite expensive. Opting for laser hair removal treatments may actually save you money in the long run.

7. It offers a smooth, attractive look. With laser hair removal, you aren't left with the unattractive "stubble" that comes after shaving. A laser leaves a smooth, attractive finish.

While laser hair reduction may not be the right choice for everyone, this hair reduction technique is long-lasting, quick, safe and effective. It can even end up being less expensive over time.