The Benefits Of Using A Family-Owned Pharmacy

When it comes to getting your prescription filled, long wait times and communication issues can often plague the larger pharmacy chains. This can make it frustrating for customers who need to have their medications in a timely manner. A family-owned pharmacy like Camelback Pharmacy provides the same services of a large chain, but on a much more personal level. Here are a few reasons why choosing to use a family-owned pharmacy may be a better choice.

Getting To Know You

Local, family-owned pharmacies take pride in getting to know their customers on a more personal level. They'll ask you questions about how you're feeling and take a real interest in you and your well-being. Over time, you'll develop a real relationship with your pharmacist, which not only means you will get better service, but you will also feel more valued and appreciated. Smaller pharmacies truly care about each and every one of their customers, and it shows in their attitude and promptness when filling your prescriptions. They may also offer you some alternatives for medication after they get a better idea of your current condition, which can also be helpful for your overall health.

Compounding Options

Many family-owned pharmacies offer a service known as compounding. This process involves combining different medications into one or changing the format of your medicine to a liquid or even a solid, such as turning medicine into lollipops for small children. With compounding, your pharmacist can create a medicine that will be more effective, and they can change the levels or form of the medication until you find a solution for whatever ails you. Most larger chains don't provide this service, but it has been shown to be very beneficial to many patients. Find out if your local family-owned pharmacy offers compounding, and ask them what it can do for you.

Community Outreach

Many family-owned pharmacies take a real interest in their local community. This is not only good for business, but it also creates a sense of togetherness for the people who live in the area. Small pharmacies may be able to provide lower-cost medication to families in need, and they often host benefits and fundraisers to help local residents with things like money for surgery or to help a family who has suffered a fire. By promoting a community-based business, family-owned pharmacies provide not just a service, but a friendship that builds a strong foundation for the people who live there.