Benefits Of Hand Therapy

Your hands are a crucial part of getting through your day. You use them from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. When you have pain in your hands, it is either coming from an injury or an illness. There are many ways to help you overcome this pain, but one of the best solutions is taking advantage of a hand therapy session. Hand therapy is a rehabilitation solution designed to help your hands feel better. It is typically done by a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your hands, you should schedule an appointment for hand therapy. Here are some reasons why:

Beyond the Session

During your physical therapy session you will get lots of great tips that can help you after you leave your therapy appointment. By continuing certain exercises at home, your hands will start feeling better sooner. Your therapist will provide you tips on how to continue getting your hands to feeling better when your session is over. They should go through several different exercises that will help with this. 

Avoid an Operation

For many injuries, an operation may be required. Before scheduling an operation, you want to be sure you have tried other methods first. The recovery time for an operation can be long and put you out of commission for a while. This can be avoided in some cases with the help of hand therapy. Some hand issues can be remedied through multiple therapy sessions without the need of having to be operated on. This not only saves you money, but lots of healing time as well. 

Learning to Accommodate

Another great benefit of attending a hand therapy session is the knowledge you will get on how to use other tools to do normal daily activities. The therapist can provide you with optional tools that can be used when your hands are not feeling up to par. This can help relieve some pressure off your hands so they are able to heal much faster. 

Preventing Further Pain

One of the objectives of your therapist is to reduce or eliminate further pain to your hands. If you use your hands at work, they can talk to your employer about ways to accommodate you while you recover. They can also help suggest ways to change the current process so that it does not affect your hand symptoms any longer. This is especially important if your hand injury is due to a work related problem.