4 Signs That Your Toddler Might Have Hearing Loss

A surprising number of children suffer from hearing loss, and it often takes parents a while to get to the bottom of the problem. Your toddler is going to have a difficult time telling you if he or she can't hear well, but there are signs that you can look out for. If you notice any of these things, then a hearing test is in order.

1. Turns the TV Up Too Loudly

It isn't abnormal for a child to adjust the TV settings just to find out what will happen. If your little on is regularly leaving the volume on a too-high level, however, hearing loss could be to blame. Most kids find an unusually loud television to be bothersome, so if your child is turning it up that loud, it could be because he or she can't hear it.

2. Doesn't Answer When Their Name is Called

If your son or daughter doesn't answer when you call their name, you could think that your little one is just being a stubborn toddler. However, it could be going on because your child simply cannot hear you. Toddlers who are being stubborn will still often respond when they are being called for something positive or exciting, like a new toy or a bowl of ice cream. If your little one seems to never answer when called, it could be hearing-related.

3. Complains About Earaches

Many toddlers who have trouble hearing pull at their ears or complain of discomfort. There could be an ear infection, or your child could be confused due to not being able to hear or from hearing strange noises. Always take complaints about uncomfortable ears seriously.

4. Isn't Speaking as Much or as Well as Other Children

To learn to speak, your child has to be able to hear and mimic what you and others are saying. If your child seems to be healthy and bright but is having trouble talking, it could be because he or she is having a tough time hearing and mimicking you and the others around you.

These are just a few signs that your toddler could be having a hard time hearing. If you notice any of them or are otherwise suspicious that your child has trouble hearing, then it's a good idea to call and schedule a hearing test. Knowing that your toddler might suffer from hearing loss can obviously be hard, but if you get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible, however, you can get your little one treatment as soon as possible.