Did Your Child Fall Down And Hit Their Head? When You Should Seek Urgent Care

Children can be clumsy, and it is common for them to fall down and hit their heads. They may get up and you will see a goose egg and start worrying. But you'd be living a crazy life if you rushed them to the doctor after every fall. So, what should you do? You should monitor their condition to see if certain symptoms appear.


Of course, your child will have a headache, and that is completely normal after this type of injury. If the headache persists long past the fall, such as after a day, you may want to seek medical care to make sure they are all right. The doctor will evaluate the child, ask many questions, run some tests, etc.


If your child is dizzy right after they hit their head, you should seek urgent care at Harrison Medical Center.  Getting dizzy from a fall is not normal, and it could very well mean they have a concussion. The doctor will know the questions to ask you, such as when your child got dizzy, how long have they been dizzy, etc. Make sure you know these things, which will help the doctor out.


If your child is running to the bathroom and vomiting repeatedly, it is time to get them in the car and have them checked out by a doctor. There may not be a problem at all, but there very well could be. Again, this is a sign of a concussion. Your doctor might want to do a scan of your child's brain, which is called a CT scan. This will help him determine if the problem is actually a concussion. It could simply be a stomach virus that came on at the time your child fell, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


If your child is usually very energetic, but all of a sudden has become lethargic, you should seek treatment. They also may not talk as much as they normally do. Take them to urgent care to have it checked out just in case there is not a problem causing this to happen.

Some parents overreact when they see a large bump appear on their child's head. Actually, this is something that is completely normal as young children explore their world.. It is the other symptoms that you need to watch out for to know if they need urgent medical care.